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Shemika is on a non-traditional path into Data Science and is proud of her passion and tenacity for trudging along.

She is a Biologist turned Data Enthusiast. Her background is in Molecular and Cellular Biology, which she studied at the University of California Berkeley. Thinking back to the biology and chemistry experiments she did in college made her realize that she didn't care about the 'actual experiment'...she just wanted to get the data because that's when the fun began!

Her commitment was solidified when her team won first place at the New York City Data Challenge, where they created a prototype that would help gather data to improve the foster parent recruitment process.

Shemika is dedicated to shedding light on the importance of privacy, data literacy, transparency, accountability, and ethics. She wants to ensure everyone is aware of how their data is being utilized and that society is held accountable when using data.

Shemika likes to dance, travel and read books on self-improvement. When she’s not studying she volunteers with Black Girls Code. She lives in San Francisco, California. Check out her Blog and Portfolio below to see what she has accomplished!

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